About Us

TD Dance Company is owned and operated by Tetyana Dolotova in San Antonio, TX. While receiving its new branding in November 2021, the company at its core was born in September 2017 with initiation of the first Alma San Antonio Ladies Bachata team. Since then, TD Dance has brought 15 choreographies from Alex and Desiree, Island Touch, Zouk Babes, Alma Latina, and Younic to life on stages across Texas and beyond.

TD Dance strives for excellence and community, provides thorough training for quality results, and encourages continuous learning at every level for constant growth. While the services we provide are the same for all, each person gets something different from their experience, and that is the beauty of dance.

Tetyana Dolotova – Owner/Director

Tetyana began dancing at the age of 5, competed in all four Ballroom styles during college, and began her Latin dance journey in 2013. Since then she’s trained in Bachata, Zouk, Salsa, and Kizomba with a wide range of teachers. Tetyana holds instructor certifications from Alex and Desiree for Bachata and from Kadu and Larissa for Zouk, and has completed Teachers’ Training with Carlos Cinta. In January 2019, she competed at the World Salsa Summit with Alma Latina, earning 1st place in “Pro-Am Ladies Team Bachata Shines Showcase” and 2nd place in the “Open Ladies Team Bachata Shines Showcase” category.

Jeanné Harmon – Co-Director

Jeanné began dancing in her freshman year of high school, before which she was an avid recreational and school athlete participating in a variety of sports (soccer, basketball, powerlifting, etc). However, once dance was introduced, the sports took a back seat. Physical exercise and a creative outlet? Perfect, right!?

In 2009, Jeanné became a student at UTSA and quickly joined the Latin Dance Society on campus. With this organization, she discovered how much she loved Latin dance. As a group, they traveled each year to multiple dance events around Texas to perform and take classes with all of the wonderful and talented professionals brought in by the event organizers.


Since she’s been learning dance (16 years total), Jeanné has been exposed to a large variety of instruction (including local San Antonio teachers) and genres (Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Kizomba, Argentine Tango, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, and Ballet basics). Because of this, Jeanné has been able to curate her preferred learning and teaching methods for dance that she can’t wait to share with you!